After over 15 years working in the food industry as a Food Scientist, I made the leap and started a business manufacturing my own formula of CBD oil.
It’s called Lucy’s Red-Hot CBD chili oil!
What is CBD chili oil?
It’s the best way to ingest CBD.
Because research shows CBD is absorbed much better when taken with food.
Can I take other CBD oils with food?
Yes, but most flavors available will make nutritious or cheat meals taste terrible. Imagine putting artificial vanilla, or peppermint flavored oil on a piece of pizza or on some grilled chicken. Yuck!
What is in CBD chili oil?
Just 4 ingredients. Certified Organic Coconut Oil, Certified Organic Chili Peppers, Certified Organic Crushed Garlic and Organically Grown THC Free Hemp Extract rich in CBD and other Cannabinoids .
How spicy is it?
Drop for drop it compares to all your favorites, Sriracha, Tapatio, Tabasco Etc.
How much is it?
It is $49.99 for a 1-2-month supply.
Is it safe?
Yes, we test all our products for heavy metals, solvents, and microbiological hazards.
Can you prove it?
Yes, our lab tests are publicly available on our website.
What if I do not like it?
Full refund! Easy peezy!
How do I buy?
Go to We take all major credit cards, securely processed through Square’s fully encrypted payment gateway.

Would you like a discount code?

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