Lucy’s Red Hot CBD chili oil is a traditional Mexican style chili oil infused with all-natural hemp extract that contains the compound CBD. The base oil is an organic MCT coconut oil. Our special formula was created by Danny Ruelas who founded Red Hot Organics LLC in 2019.

Danny is Food Safety & Food Science guru and has worked on research and development for some of the biggest names in the snack & condiment niche, which include Fortune 500 companies such asHeinz, General Mills, Frito-Lay, and Nestle.

It is our mission at Red Hot Organics to deliver a safe and wholesome product that can bring wellness and variety into the lives ofYou, our valued customer.

Lucy’s Red Hot CBD chili oil comes in a 1 oz bottle with a 1ml dropper bottle top. A bottle contains 500mg of hemp extract which is 90% CBD& 10% other cannabis compounds. The trace amounts of THC are not detectible through laboratory analysis. That’s why we classify our oil as Broad Spectrum CBD oil. Products labeled full-spectrum contain detectable amounts of THC.

We source our non-hemp Raw Ingredients from the same suppliers who supply the Fortune 500 companies mentioned above.

We source our broad-spectrum CBD from suppliers that meet strict regulatory standards often referred to as cGMPs. Current Good Manufacturing Practices. We don’t always use the same supplier we shop for the highest quality, freshness, and of course best value and then pass those savings down to you.

We sample and lab test each lot of Lucy’s CBD chili oil multiple times and screen for dangerous chemicals such as heavy metals, solvents, and microorganisms. Check our web page labeled COA for detailed lab reports.

If you are still unsure if CBD is for you or you still need to do some more research we will be here for you when you decide to give it a try.